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Cedar Ridge Academy is a nonprofit coed boarding school in Utah for grades 9 through 12. Our flexible academic design allows students to accelerate their learning, achieve academic success, and actualize their inner potential in preparation for college and the workplace. Read More

Invest in Your Child's Future with Private School Education!

Call Our Admissions Office Today at 435-353-4498.

Cedar Ridge Academy is a nonprofit coed boarding school in Utah for grades 9 through 12. Our flexible academic design allows students to accelerate their learning, achieve academic success, and actualize their inner potential in preparation for college and the workplace.

Our Co-ed High School Students

Our boarding school students benefit from the personal attention and flexible academic design of Cedar Ridge Academy. Many of our students have at least one of these traits:
  • Behind in credits or motivated to graduate early
  • Anxiety over school performance (turning in homework, taking tests, etc.)
  • An indication that they would benefit from a challenging curriculum and smaller class size
Our boarding school provides an excellent high school education for coed students in grades nine through twelve. We also have competitive tuition rates and unique summer semester opportunities.
Private Utah High School Boarding School
Cedar Ridge Academy Boarding School students have a unique opportunity for success in high school that allows for credit recovery and graduation.

Opportunity to Accelerate

The academic design of Cedar Ridge Academy Boarding School is based on a flexible curriculum, allowing high school students to begin and complete courses at any time based on how hard they work and how well they understand the core material. In other words, hard work pays off directly by earning credits toward high school graduation.

Supportive, Utah State certified high school teachers work closely with students in co-ed class sizes of no more than fifteen, ready to answer questions and challenge thinking. Our teachers are experienced with teaching to the whole class, to small groups, and to individuals.  Our teachers are also experienced with bridging learning gaps so that high school students may discover and maintain their full potential in academics and life skills.

Cedar Ridge Academy boards co-ed students year round, with boarding and school open all seasons in Utah--students do not have to wait for semesters to begin their track to high school graduation.

This is a unique opportunity for credit deficient high school students to graduate with their class, or for motivated students to graduate early. This also a unique opportunity for students who may be behind in skills or credits to learn the skills and strategies they need for successful preparation for college or the workplace.

Cedar Ridge Academy Coed Boarding School
Co-ed boarding school students work in a small class group with a teacher in one of our classrooms.

Environment to Achieve

Our experienced boarding school teachers coach our students to help them maximize their learning strengths. Students at Cedar Ridge Academy demonstrate their learning knowledge to a minimum of 80% before moving on to new material. This academic mastery of the content provides a solid foundation for the future our students choose as they transition from high school to college or the workplace.

Our guidance department provides career counseling, formal ACT/SAT test preparation, college admissions counseling, and assistance with applying for financial aid. The department's goal for our boarding school students is to keep options open.

As a co-ed boarding option for a private high school education, we have the background and experience to work with students who have not been successful in other settings but who might thrive in the right setting, a setting such as our private co-ed boarding school--Cedar Ridge Academy.

Private Utah Coed Boarding School High School Karate Boy
Cedar Ridge Academy offers Shotokan karate to our co-ed boarding students.
Encouragement to Actualize

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we believe education involves the whole person. Students enjoy pursuing interests and experiencing leadership through involvement in civic service, high school and community sports, co-ed clubs, and they enjoy discovering how to nurture themselves as a teenager growing into a young adult.

Our Private Coed Boarding School Residential Life

Social growth and success at Cedar Ridge Academy Coed Boarding School in Utah is based on building relationships in all contexts. Students develop strong working relationships with peers and boarding school faculty, and develop a home on our private co-ed campus in our family-style dorms.

Our Private Boarding School Services:
  • A modern and flexible academic design
  • Credit recovery and/or early high school graduation
  • College preparatory curriculum
  • Individualized learning
  • Strong teacher and classroom relationships
  • Full high school guidance department
  • Strengths-based focus
  • Summer Bridge Program with academic trips to places such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • Shotokan karate training
  • Rural outdoor opportunities
  • Full gym and softball field
  • A variety of high school and community sports activities
  • A solid structure for high school students transitioning from a therapeutic setting

Inquire with our boarding school Dean of Admissions, Sean Haggerty at 435.353.4498 ext. 117, or .

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Cedar Ridge Academy admits students of any gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, scholarship, athletic and other school-administered programs.
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